Important Notice: Safecoin Swaps to Solana Codebase

3 min readMar 23, 2021


Dear SafeTrade User

Firstly we would like to thank you for your continued support in using our platform. During the last 3 years, SafeTrade has evolved into what we feel is one of the finest community driven exchanges available. We pride ourselves in listing quality cryptocurrency projects which are also very community driven. In an effort to support them better we will be introducing an integrated and industry leading on-chain trading experience in the near future (SafeSwap).

This brings us to some very exciting news for SafeCoin, the foundation for our on-chain trading. Before we go on, here’s the take-home message for holders: You will need to swap your SAFE before May 9, 2021.
For more info please visit:

Or get your questions answered at our next AMA: (March 27, 6pm UTC)

As of this email, Safecoin is now based on a customized Solana blockchain implementation. This dramatic change fulfills Safecoin’s original vision of providing secure on-chain decentralized trading with the real-time performance of a centralized exchange but without high fees, front-running, or other compromises. To meet this critical roadmap item required a complete rethink of the Safecoin blockchain and design, and it was absolutely worth it.

Safecoin didn’t just stop at moving to a Solana codebase, it was researched and developed for months to improve on it, to make Solana technology better for decentralization and adoption. Our various Consensus, privacy, data management and compression enhancements lowered the peripheral requirements to allow cost efficient use of Safecoin’s highly performant, stable and secure Blockchain by anyone, allowing for widespread adoption.

Here is a quick real world example:
Approximate unpruned disk space use over 1 year:
Solana: 160 Tb
Safecoin: 2 Tb (Identical Performance and Scalability)

Similarly proportioned game changing improvements in RAM, bandwidth, and more were achieved, and further performance improvements are in development. The modified consensus enables a wide decentralization of the Network by setting a low entry level to participate. This marks a turning point in our efforts to bring cutting edge technology in the hands of creators and inventors all around the globe and allows us to further proceed in creating the envisioned ecosystem, safe and secure, accessible for everyone.

The adaption of this new technology is a milestone for the project and enables the full vision of the Ecosystem to come to life and lays the foundation for a complete DeFi package. AMM´s, Decentralized Exchanges, Borrowing/Lending, Insurance and NFT´s, all powered and secured by Safecoin. With potential to process well over 50,000 transactions per second the Safecoin blockchain is able to host extremely throughput hungry applications at an unchallenged cost efficiency.

This will mean that the current SafeCoin Wallet addresses will no longer work. SafeCoin is doing a 1–1 swap onto the new chain. The coin swap is taking place on SafeTrade and you will have until May 9th perform the swap. Don’t want to swap on a centralized exchange? An on-chain solution (as part of SafeSwap) will be provided in the near future.